Welcome to New Life Christian Academy

New Life Christian Academy is a school comprised of staff and students from all over the tri-county area. The members of this student body come from a wide range of cultural, denominational, and social backgrounds. We find our common center and unity in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. We desire to be totally committed to Him in our teaching, beliefs, and lifestyle. We seek to honor Him by integrating faith and learning while our hearts and lives reflect the process of maturing in Christ. We invite you to join us in discovering what it means to be totally committed.



2015 Spring Sports Schedules

The 2015 Baseball & Softball schedules are now available.

Do you offer lunches?

New Life Christian Academy does not prepare lunches on campus. Our lunch program consists of local businesses who have a scheduled day to deliver pre-ordered lunches. Order forms are sent home with each student and must be returned by Thursday of each week to order for the upcoming week.

Do your students wear uniforms?

No, we do not require uniforms. However, we do have a moderate dress code. Please see the attachment for grade specific dress code details.

New Life Christian Academy - CBS 8 Business Spotlight

New Life Christian Academy - CBS 8 Business SpotlightOur principal, Mrs. Gepetta Rogers, was interviewed for the WAKA CBS 8 Business Spotlight. Click on the image or link below to view the video.




Philosophy of Christian Education

The Christian school recognizes that the God-given responsibility for the education of
children rests with the parents (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). The place of the Christian school is
to be an extension of the Christian family and should assist and complement the parents
in that responsibility. Therefore, the purpose of the Christian school is to provide a school
for Christian children or children of Christian parents. The Bible is the foundation for the
education of our children. From the Scriptures we understand that God desires certain

Mission Statement

We live in a country where claiming to be a Christian has become much less than the total commitment that Jesus Christ requires of us. New Life Christian Academy is not content to simply move with the times. We believe that God has given us a mission. We have been called to “Educate Christian students to think and act Christianly, Constructively and Critically”.

Capture their Minds

Because NLCA is a ministry of New Life Christian Center, the church provides classrooms, utilities, equipment, and other items necessary to the school’s operation with tuition and registration fees used to supplement the cost. Furthermore, it is the policy of NLCA to engage only personnel who will complement your child’s Christian home training through their dedication, recognized educational training, and successful experience.

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