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Our students are built up, encouraged, challenged, and cheered on as they reach small goals and large milestones. We believe each child has built-in giftings from God, and we desire to help them discover and develop their unique gifts. This means we as teachers and staff engage with our students in conversations and a broad range of activities and events to offer them a myriad of opportunities to explore their world. 

Clubs & Activities

Beginning in 2023, NLCA is broadening our Clubs format to include younger students. This quarter, we begin with Art Club and Music Appreciation Club. Students will choose which club best fits their interests. Clubs will meet twice weekly.

Our wonderfully talented teachers are exploring the unique opportunities available through student clubs.  Clubs become an avenue through which one can share their personal talents and skills as well as offering the freedom of providing a wide range of hobby-based clubs. Our club offerings may change throughout the year, so check back here to see what clubs are offered. 

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After School Activities

Once school is dismissed, students should be picked up by 3:15 PM daily.  

After school, NLCA offers "After Care" a safe After School Care program available 3:15 PM - 6:00 PM.  Follow the link to our Parents Page where you will find more details, costs and information about how to register for After School Care. 

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