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Eight grade provides the springboard for students to prepare them for high school by laying down the foundation of higher-level concepts. In English and Literature, students will cover grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, paired with works from around the world and throughout history to give a well-rounded view of literature around the world.
In Math, students will be introduced to a more advanced form of Algebra than in previous years that will give them the chance to understand key mathematical principles that will follow them throughout high maths.
In History, students will cover American history, from the beginning of our country’s history during exploration and settlement to present day, using biographies from figures throughout to illustrate God’s workings in our country from its very beginning.
In Science, students explore the world around them from a Biblical perspective, covering everything from rocks and minerals in the soil to the makings and inner workings of our galaxy.
(They have two Bible curriculums but idk if you still used them or not, so you can tweak this as needed)
In Bible, students will have two curriculum, one for each half of the school year. Students will cover the stories of the heroes of Acts, learning about the history of the Early Church and the martyrs that provided the basis for our modern-day region. They will also learn about Joshua and Judges, creating an overview for the early guidances for the Israelites and viewing past mistakes to learn how to guide them in present day in their walk with God.

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