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The same higher level skills our first graders developed will be further sharpened in second grade. Subjects covered are Language Arts, Arithmetic, History, Science, Health, and Bible. Students learn phonics, grammar, and parts of speech, as well as how to properly form sentences. New reading materials will introduce literary terms like plot and settings. Our books have a way of leaving our young readers eager to finish “the rest of the story.” In Arithmetic, we build each year by applying knowledge on a higher level. Each morning, students will participate in a Bible lesson.  Putting God first and knowing the word of God is essential to our class.

Our teacher says: "School should be filled with learning and having fun in the process!!! I discovered at a very young age that having fun consistently made me want to come back for more,  and that’s exactly what I want for my students… to want more!" 

Our Second Graders love learning and having fun!

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