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Seventh grade guides students from elementary towards high school principles and disciplines by providing slightly elevated concepts at a level that is familiar to students in order to prepare them for higher thinking.


Students will have a variety of projects in English and Literature to reinforce grammar and writing composition, including a variety of essays, book reports, and a research paper. In Literature, students will also navigate stories from people all over the world, in different cultures, countries, and periods throughout history to give them an introduction to all types of writers and their lives.


In Math, students will gain a deeper understanding of algebra and geometry, as well as an introduction to statistics, graphing, and probability to prepare them for pre-algebra in eighth grade. These concepts will be covered in-depth, and students will be provided a variety of exercises to ensure understand using examples that they can view in the world around them.


In History, students will do a deep dive into World History, mainly focusing on the history of the Eastern Hemisphere, from a Christian perspective to show them the plan that God has had for mankind since the beginning. Using everything from maps to storied accounts, students will learn the importance that individual people can have in shaping history.


In Science, students will focus on cell make-up, the origin of life and Creation. They will study human, animal, and plant make-up and systems. Throughout the school year, students will navigate several activities that will provide them opportunities to explore human and plant anatomy and show that God has a plan for each and every part of their world.

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