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In third grade, students will gain principles that help them navigate the world around them. The focus in reading and language studies will be grammar, parts of speech and writing prowess. Students will complete their first major book report where they will be expected to summarize the entirety of a book's plot. To aid them with this milestone in their writing abilities, students will first cover sentence structure and all of the parts of speech to ensure that they understand how to write detailed, complex sentences with skill. They will also explore poetry to provide practice with relating works to one major point or idea.


In History, students will cover American History and explore all of the important people and events that made our nation what it is today. 


In Math, students will master principles such as counting money and telling time, as well as reading temperature and understanding units of measure. By relating math principles to real-world settings, students will be able to relate ideas they see in school to the world around them as they explore.

Students will also build upon skills gained in second grade by moving to more complex levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and begin to deal with fractions in math at a higher level.


In Science, students will learn more about the world around them and how it works. They will see how God created all of the things around them with care to work together smoothly. Students will cover everything from animal classification and the water cycle to our solar system and how the body works. From health to minerals, students will have a chance to explore their world with new eyes as they discover how everything works with a purpose that they can understand. 

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